RO Chemicals

1. Description

 AD-0801 a liquid cleaning agent that is applicable for all RO, NF and UF membranes

 AD-0801 is used to improve the conventional cleaning effect and operation, increase the membrane service life, recover and maintain the optimum performance of RO, NF and UF membranes

2. Technical Specification




Colorless and transparent liquid

PH (2% solution)


Density (20), g/cm3


3. Cleaning Procedure

(1) Get ready for the cleaning process, prepare the cleaning solution with 1L of cleaning agent and 40L of water, and fill the cleaning water tank with the solution.

(2) Ensure that the cleaning solution circulate at least 1 hour in the system and over 2 hours of immersion.

(3) Raise the solution temperature to improve the cleaning effects. However the temperature shall not higher than 40.

(4) While cleaning, the pump pressure should be not higher than 4.2kg/cm2 and the flow rate for each pressure vessel is recommended to be 2.1m3/h at 4 feet and 8.0m3/h at 8 feet.

(5) After cleaning, use product water to wash the system at a low pressure for at least 30 minutes.

(6) Discharge the product water for the first 15 minutes once the system is put into operation.

4. Shelf Life

 12 months under ambient temperature of 25 °C, cool and shielded environment.

5. Package

 20kg /barrel (5 gallons).

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