Reverse osmosis scale inhibitor

AD-0106 Special Scale Inhibitor for Reverse Osmosis System

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1. Description

AD-0106 is an antibacterial polymer scale inhibitor based on a non-phosphorus formula for reverse osmosis system. It can effectively prevent the deposition of inorganic salts on the membrane surface. With wide scope of application, it has obvious effect on water source whose quality changes significantly.

AD-0106 is widely used to control the deposition of CaCO3, CaSO4, SrSO4, BaSO4, CaF2 and SiO2 scales

AD-0106 performs optimally when used under LSI<3.0.

AD-0106 allows the concentration of CaSO4 in concentrated water to be 3 times.

AD-0106 allows normal use with Fe<2 mg/L in concentrated water.

It is applicable to various types of membranes provided by leading manufacturers in the world, such as Dow Membranetc, Hydranautics, Toray, CSM and Koch.

2. Physicochemical Property




Colorless and transparent liquid


slight odor

PH (1% solution)


Density (20), g/cm3


3. Directions for Use

AD-0106 is an non-phosphorus antibacterial polymer scale inhibitor that is used to control scale deposition in the membrane separation system and reduce the particles blockage. Through AD-0106, it can obviously extend the operation cycle and service life of the equipment. In addition, chemical dosing equipment is required to be equipped due to the corrosive product.

The recommended dosing point shall be preferably at the position before the security filter device.

The diluted solution shall be used as soon as possible in order to obtain best performance.

Appropriate dosing amount shall be calculated by special dosing software according to local water quality conditions.

4. Shelf Life

24 months under ambient temperature of 25 °C, cool and shielded environment.

5. Package

AD-0106 is a 4X concentrated solution special reverse osmosis scale inhibitor. 25kg concentrated solution/barrel. It should be 100kg standard solution by 4 times of dilution (25×4).




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